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The foundation of the group surrounded by the mists of legend, and one was around 2008, when a group of former clan mates of CoD2 and CoD4, formed a Search and Destroy shape to compete in arenas of CoDWaW. With the emergence of a sizeable Greek Community in Black Ops, the new composition widened (to age; ) players to meet the requirements for participation in ladders and cups of ESL. Soon the clan began as a fun team, had regular and automatic and started matches in European 5 vs 5 Search and Destroy ladder of ESL, in late 2010. By the end of next year, he won first place in the Greek CoD Superleague and 5th in the European ladder, very considerable achievement given the high ping (and low fps for some) and computable opponents. After an absence of almost one year of active gaming activity (data and non-response CoDMW3 old standard) in our team intends to enter again in the CoD scene, with the old formulation, but with a new, dynamic and creative mood.

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set up server esl rules to play 5v5
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